Bugstoppers Melbourne offers natural pest control solutions. Our Integrated Pest Management system is tailored to meet your needs and with your assistance. We can change the environment in such a way that the pests will not be present. We have tailored our natural pest control services to the highest industry standards we only use the pesticides that are safe and natural.

Natural Pest Control
  • As a company, we are compliant with Occupational Health & Safety 
  • Qualified and Licensed Technicians.
  • As a company, we adhere to the code of practice for the use of pesticides. 
  • Advice is offered, and a long term strategy for pest management.
  • We offer physical trapping and removal.
  • The use of Pheromones to disrupt reproduction; this is targeted chemical control.
  • If monitoring indicates that these methods are not sufficient, we may use targeted spraying of pesticides to control the problem.
  • We will only use pesticides if all other methods have failed.