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Bugstoppers Melbourne are aware that pests in and around your home or your commercial property can be a real problem.  Whether it’s rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, or any pest for that matter, you can count on Bugstoppers Melbourne to solve the problem giving you peace of mind. Our approach to pest management is to minimise the application of pesticides this provides a healthier environment for your children and pets.

Our Pest Managers are fully licensed by the Victorian Health Department and fully insured. As it is our company policy that all our staff do advance training provided by The Institute of Pest Risk Management this keeps us up to date with what is happening in our industry and helps us provide real solutions for your problems and expert advice in pest prevention

What We Do

At Bugstoppers Melbourne we understand that pests infest both residential and commercial properties. Whatever your problem may be at Bugstoppers Melbourne we have the experience to identify the problem and give you expert advice

Rats & Mice

Rats & Mice control Melbourne

Rats & Mice control

Rats and mice do look different; there are quite a few differences between them. To be successful with rats and mice you need to understand their behaviour, food preference and habitat understanding this helps us at Bugstoppers Melbourne have an effective control of these pests. There are different controls for rats compared to mice what works on mice may not work on rats. The main difference is mice are curious and rats are careful and will choose to avoid new things so you must take this into account when dealing with them.

Ants control

Ants are one of those annoying pests that you have to live with or do you. They are attracted to scraps of fatty food and sugary food, as soon as you turn your back they have arrived. There are certain things you can do to reduce the risk of ants arriving. Clean up after barbecues or outdoor entertaining remove food scraps from kitchen and make sure open packets are put in sealed containers. Ensure that garbage bags are put in containers with a sealed lid.
Many homeowners struggle with do it yourself ant control, the results are often less than satisfactory. At Bugstoppers Melbourne we will inspect and identify the type of ant you have and give you advice on the most environmentally safe option so we can deal with your problem.

Termites Control

Termite Treatment

Termites Control

In Australia one in three homes are attacked by termites and more than 180,000 homes and buildings are damaged by termites. It is estimated that the cost in Australia is $700 million annually. Often you don’t find them until they have caused damage to your property.

There are certain measures to protect your home from termite’s infestation, organising regular pest inspections by a certified pest manager who will inspect your property and give you advise on how to reduce your risk. At Bugstoppers Melbourne we have years of experience in dealing with termite infestations we are environmentally friendly when it comes to treating termites and give you options on what treatment to use.

Wasp and Bees Control

Wasp Pest Control

Wasp and Bees Control

Getting stung by wasps and bees can be a painful experience and in some cases can cause death if you are allergic to them. If you encounter a large number of them do not disturb them as they have the potential to attack and have potent to sting. Wasps may nest near your home keep your windows closed keep children away put cats and dogs in a safe place then call a professional. Under no circumstance spray with fly spray or pour petrol or other petroleum products on them as this will only cause them to attack. Wasp and bees can build nest in walls trees roofs in holes in the ground they can have a nest up to 500 meters away

Bed Bugs Control

Bedbug control

Bed Bugs Control

Bedbugs were thought to be eradicated but like most insects they have made a comeback. They are a small insect that feeds on your blood; often causing itchy bites, you may have them in your bedding, clothing, furniture, and luggage. When bedbugs bite they do not transmit disease but they tend to group in hiding places. Over a period of time they may scatter through the room and move into other rooms or nearby apartments. Bedbugs live only on blood and this is not a sign of a dirty home. You are likely to find them in an immaculate house

commercial pest Management

Commercial Pest Management

We know commercial pest management, is very different. There are many regulations that need to be followed and documented to ensure that your business is compliant with government requirements. The last thing any business owner wants are fines, or complaints from customers due to infestations. This may affect your reputation

Why us?

Bugstoppers Melbourne is the expert when it comes to unwanted pests at your property. We can inspect your property and give you advice on the best way to manage pest problems; this integrated pest management system is always an environmentally friendly process which will gives you the best result for your residential, commercial or industrial property.

Who we are:

  • All our technicians are fully licensed and insured
  • Servicing Melbourne with more than 10 years experience
  • Our technicians are members of the Institute of Pest Risk Management
  • All of our products are environmentally friendly
  • Call BUGSTOPPERS MELBOURNE ON 0488 760 121


VIC Bugstoppers Pest Management provided a very professional service and advice.

John B from ElthamBee Removal

VIC They were good, effective and friendly,

Abby from Reservoir,
Abby from Reservoir, Wasp Removal

VIC They were very responsive to the job, attended on the same day, the job was nice and it was completed in very a good manner.

Aydin D from Reservoir, Bee Removal

VIC Ron from Bugstoppers Pest Management was really lovely and efficient. He explained everything about the type of chemical he would use which was great. He provided reasonable price.

Cassie L from ReservoirPest Control

VIC Bugstoppers Pest Control was quick and efficient. I sent the message and they were out within 2 hours. They were able to spray and kill the wasp nest.

Nicole from Doncaster East, Wasp Removal
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